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Other Training Activities

Consultation Teams

Each intern participates in a one-hour multidisciplinary consultation team attended by all CAPS staff (psychologists, clinical counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral interns. On these teams, staff and interns seek both clinical and professional consultation. Clinical consultation may involve a focus on case conceptualization, treatment and disposition planning, treatment and modalities, access, and resources. Professional consultation may focus on ethical dilemmas, system issues, and emerging topics in mental health and college counseling.

Intern Support Group

Interns meet weekly for one hour three times a month in a private support group. The meetings are intended to provide the opportunity for interns to deepen their connections, develop mutual support and cohesiveness, and discuss their internship experience and any emerging issues or concerns. The agenda and direction of the meetings are determined by the group, as is the level of personal self-disclosure

Monthly Meeting with the Training Director

The Training Director meets with interns to discuss general issues related to their experiences in the internship for one hour once a month, or more if appropriate. Issues such as professional development, identity as a psychologist, collaboration within a larger organization, and managing multiple responsibilities and roles may be explored in this meeting. The format is an open discussion with no set sequence of topics. The focus of discussion is often related to interns’ perceptions and experience of current events within the agency and/or the training program. Concerns and feedback about the internship program may be discussed as well. 

Intern Project

This group activity is determined by intern interest and agency needs. Typically early in the summer quarter, time is allotted for collborative work on an intern project. The primary training goals for this activity are program evaluation and working as a team to address a clinical, outreach, or training need of the agency.

Optional Experience in Specialty Areas

The Doctoral Internship at CAPS is a generalist college mental-health site. Areas of specialty mentioned below are optional opportunities for additional experience that can enrich interns’ career foundation as psychologists. The specialty areas are not the focus of the internship, nor do they qualify the intern’s status as a specialist upon the completion of the internship. All interns have the same core training experience and pursue the same training goals regardless of their participation in specialty areas.

Eating Concerns Assessment and Treatment Team (ECATT)

To cultivate competencies in working with eating and body image concerns in the context of college mental health, interns can participate in ECATT, an interdisciplinary team of health professionals that meets weekly or biweekly throughout much of the academic year. Comprised of staff from CAPS and Northwestern University Health Service (NUHS), the team focuses on disordered eating and exercise, nutritional issues, and body image disturbance among Northwestern students. Members of the team also offer consultation and psychoeducational outreach to Northwestern staff, faculty, parents, peers, student organizations, and other campus partners. Interns who participate in the ECATT team will conduct specialized intake assessments to students with eating, exercise, and body image concerns, collaborate with other health professionals on the team on assessment and diagnosis, use the team’s input to develop individualized treatment recommendations, and assist students in accessing appropriate services (including higher levels of care). Interns may also contribute to Body Acceptance Week each February to raise awareness on campus about eating concerns and body image issues