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To unpublish an asset

  1. Go to More-->Unpublish and make sure you have the correct destination selected for unpublish task.

  2. Locate and click the Submit button to unpublish. This will remove the asset from the live server but it will stay in Cascade.

  3. To ensure that the unpublished asset doesn't show in the navigation of your site and stay out of publish queue, re-select the asset and go to Edit tab. Change the Display in Navigation setting to No. Then, go to Configure (Properties for a folder) and uncheck include when publishing checkbox. Locate and click Submit to save your changes to Cascade.
  4. You may need to republish the parent folder of this asset or the whole site if the asset you just unpublished appears in the navigation of your site.

Warning: When you un-publish, a visitor attempting to view that item will receive a Page Not Found message. If this is problematic for your organization, you should upload or create an asset using the old asset's name.