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Preview Draft

Once you're done editing, you should preview your changes to make sure everything looks okay on the frontend. In Cascade 8, Preview Draft option will save a draft of your work and allow you to preview your changes. You'll see a message confirming that a draft has been saved and a prompt to Submit your work. The message disappears and on the preview screen you see a Submit button.

Cascade screenshot showing draft option

  • After you are done editing content, click "Preview Draft" button. This takes you a preview screen. You can see a preview of your changes in the main window.
  • When you are ready, click Submit to save your changes to Cascade server. This will take you through misspellings, broken links and built-in accessibility checks.

  • Once you go through these checks, you can go on to publish your changes to the live site. Please note that you get Publish option only after you've submitted your changes.

cascade submit option