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Move Pages and Files

When you move, or rename an asset, the URL of that asset changes. This means if anyone has bookmarked your page or have a link to the asset in their printed material, their links won't work. Moving or renaming items is discouraged, but maybe necessary occasionally.

To move an asset:

  1. Locate and click the appropriate asset. Once you are on the preview screen, locate and click More-->Move option. This opens another popup window.

  2. On the next screen, select a New Folder. This opens a window that allows you to view folders within your site.

  3. In the folder navigation window, you can choose from the list of Recent folders, or Browse to the new folder, or perform a Search.
  4. Click the Choose button to confirm the appropriate folder and to close this window.

  5. You'll go back to the Move page screen where you'll see New Folder field populated with the new folder that you just selected.
  6. Locate and click Move button.
  7. You are then taken to the page preview screen. A message at the top of the asset will confirming that the asset has been moved to the selected folder.

  8. If you moved a web page or a file, go to More--> Relationships option and publish all assets that link to the asset that you just moved.

Note: If you're moving an asset that has been on the live site for a while, you might consider planning a redirect from the old URL to the new URL. Contact if you need help with this step.