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Publish an asset (page, file or folder)

If you're ready to publish your changes to the live site, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the item you wish to publish.
  2. Once you are on the view screen, click the Publish tab.

  3. A page with all available destinations will appear. Make sure  you have View and Publish Related Content option checked (if available) and desired publish destinations are selected. If you wish to publish to the test site only, make sure only Test Web Site destination is selected.
  4. Click the Submit button. You will get a message confirming that the asset has been added to the publish queue.

Note: Any changes made in Cascade should be published to the live site, even if it's just updating a link or fixing a typo.

Publish the entire website

When you update a common element, such as your top navigation or the footer, you must publish the entire website. To publish the entire site, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and click the root directory in the navigation panel or folder tree. It could be named Home or the name of your site in Cascade.

  2. Right-click to see the in-context menu, which displays various editing tasks for a folder.
  3. Click the Publish option.A page will appear showing live and test destinations. Select the appropriate destination(s) and make sure all other items are checked to ensure everything publishes correctly on your live site.
  4. Locate and click the Submit button.

Tip: If you want to track your publish job's position in the university-wide publish queue, refer to the View Publish Queue section of this site for further instructions.