We have installed new doors and key card readers on the entrances to the MCC basement, for improved safety and security of our basement storage space. 
Access to the MCC basement is limited to MCC operating hours, and will be overseen by MSA staff. This is to ensure the security of items stored and monitor compliance with storage policies.
Organizations will designate two members who will be authorized to access the basement on behalf of the organization. The names of these authorized individuals will be logged by the MSA Office Assistant (OA). All entries to the basement must be granted by the Office Assistant. 
If there will be any changes to your authorized representatives for the remainder of this academic year, please email us at msa@northwestern.edu so we can update our records. Please be sure that your new authorized representatives and student organization leaders are familiar with the storage agreement and policies.
Please follow the steps below to access the basement: 
  • Visit the OA during MCC operational hours at the front desk. 
  • The OA will verify that you are one of two authorized individuals granted access by your organization. 
  • Once verified, you will have to sign in with your name, date, and time, and provide your Wildcard ID to the OA.  Your Wildcard will be returned to you when you sign out. 
  • The OA will grant access to the MCC basement and ensure compliance with MCC Basement Storage Policies.
  • You may only access items for the organization for which you are the authorized individual. 
  • In the event that your organization needs access to the basement and the two authorized individuals cannot be present, your organization may email MSA no later than 48 hours prior with the name of a proxy. MSA will confirm that your email has been received and that the name will be noted at the front desk.
  • After you have finished accessing the basement, sign out with the OA at the MCC front desk and retrieve your Wildcard ID.