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Alexandra Ortega

Program Assistant

Program Assistant

My name is Alexandra Ortega (they/them/ella), and I am a Program Assistant at the Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) at Northwestern. My responsibilities extend to administrative and program assistance. This includes but is not limited to managing databases, accounting, human resources, coordination, communication, and supervision. This pertains to budget reports, payroll, transactions and policies, emailing, scheduling, and other duties as assigned.

I have experience in social media and communications, administrative work in higher education and nonprofits, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), as well as psychological research. I graduated with a Psychology B.S. with a minor in Bioethics at Loyola University Chicago. I am passionate about offering a therapeutic, affirming (LGBTQ+, immigrant, pro-human rights) space, especially to adolescents.

I am also passionate about social issues and mental health resources! I am a cat mom, artist, and activist outside of my role. My interests/hobbies pertain to running, body modifications, as well as consuming media (i.e., films, video games, social media). Feel free to connect with me on your individual, educational, or administrative needs!