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Advertising with MSA


All student groups and Northwestern University offices are welcome to advertise events with MSA.  Below are four ways that MSA can share your events.

Advertising Request Procedures

Reach TV and the Electronic Newsletter: Please complete the form below at least 7 days in advance of the event date to be included. All requests are subject to review.

Physical Banner reservation, please complete this Banner request form.

Share a post on our IG story: Tag @msaatnu or DM our account with the post you want shared. Please note this account is only regularly checked every 48 hours during the week M-F.

Physical Flyer: Bring the flier to the space you are hoping to post it. Ask an Office Assitant or MSA staff member for blue painters tape or print your own. Post flier on the designated "Events and Oppportunities" board in each of our spaces.

Submission Guidelines

Reach TV: Ads MUST be be formatted to fit a 16:9 widescreen ratio (1920 by 1080 pixels), and must be submitted as a .jpg file

Newsletter image: Must be jpg, gif or png, with no spaces in the file name, 500x500 pixels, no larger than 2MB.)

Physical Banner:

The dimensions of the banner must be no more than: 88 inches wide x 48 inches long. Banners should have slits to withstand the wind. Grommets are encouraged if you are hoping to reuse the banner or want to reduce damage. The SOURCE prints vinyl banners and has information about string and other materials needed to install the banner. 

Banners request forms need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to when you hope to have a banner posted. The physical banner and string need to be submitted to MSA 1 week prior to the posting date listed in your request form in order to be installed on time. Students and MSA staff are not permitted to hang the banner. Once MSA has received the banner, we will request for NU Facilities to install the banner. Please plan accordingly.  

MSA is able to display banners for 2-week periods. MSA is happy to return the banner to you after it is uninstalled should you indicate that on your submission form. Should you indicate wanting to keep your banner we will hold it for 72 hours, after which the banner will be discarded. 

Banners are posted first come, first serve, to the date you have completed a request form and only one banner is hung at a time for each location. Should your reservation time already be booked, you will be communicated to schedule alternative dates.  

Please complete this Banner request form.