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US: Unscripted Stories Podcast

US: Unscripted Stories is a podcast dedicated to building community and kinship through the power of storytelling and listening. Multicultural Student Affairs believes in the humanity seen and felt through the sharing of personal narratives and invites the Northwestern community to build connections across campus and beyond by sharing meaningful personal narratives.  

Listen to US: Unscripted Stories:


Interested in sharing your story? Please complete the online interest form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can record stories?

Anyone affiliated with the Northwestern University community is welcome to record stories, including but not limited to faculty, staff, undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, graduate assistants and alumni.

How can I sign up to tell my story?

Please complete our online form to let us know you are interested in recording a story.

What type of stories does MSA want to record and publish?

Each quarter, MSA will be recording stories about specific themes, which you can select on the sign-up form. If you would like to share a story that you feel is not related to the listed theme, please feel free to email

How will my story be recorded?

An MSA office assistant will reach out to you to schedule your vocal recording session. When you arrive at the specified time and location, an office assistant will be waiting to meet you with the recording materials set up. They will talk with you about the recording process and you will be able to ask questions before recording begins.

Who will be present at the recording session?

MSA asks that you record your story with a friend. This allows the story to be told as a conversation in which questions from your friend can help elicit details and create a flow to the story.  One office assistant will also be present in order to facilitate and record the session. 

How long will the recording session last?

This will depend on the length of your story, but the typical session should last between 30-45 minutes.

How do I prepare for my recording session?

All you have to bring to the recording session is yourself, a friend, and your story! To help you think about what story to tell and what details to include, please consider the following questions:

  • Did this event change you in some way? How did you change and what caused this change?
  • Why is this story or moment in time important to you and who you are today?
  • Did this story reveal a lesson or understanding to you about your life or the lives of others?

Where will my story be posted?

Your story will be available on the MSA website as well as iTunes, Spotify and other podcast platforms.  MSA will notify you via email once your story is published.