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Black History Month 2024

“Get into The Fashions.” The Style. The Influence. The Grace.

To all my people in the place with style and grace allow me to welcome you to Black History Month 2024! February is in full effect, presenting this year’s theme “Get Into The Fashions: Black Fashion History.” Tap in for an exhilarating month filled with creativity, cultural exploration, and the power of unity! Stay tuned to our IG and the MSA website for more surprises. Come prepared to be inspired and uplifted as we look forward to celebrating Black beauty and The Culture. 

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What's Poppin'? "Beige, Fluorescent Beige, Black:" Colorism across the Diaspora

Titled "Beige, Fluorescent Beige, Black," this session is inspired by the words of TS Madison, proudly declaring, "… I'm Black"! Together, we'll explore the profound effects of colorism. Engage in a meaningful discussion as we pose questions such as, "What are your experiences of colorism? Where do you witness the impact of colorism in different environments?" Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights, share experiences, and eat fresh popcorn!

On Sundays, We Brunch   

Good music, good people, and good food = a perfect Sunday. From Afrobeats to Soca to Dancehall to Reggaeton, we center and celebrate our African and Caribbean cultures. Brunch on us!  Come dress to impress and rep your roots!   

Black HIV Awareness Day Testing  

In partnership with the Black Health and Wellness Collaborative, Northwestern's Black House, and Cook County Health, the GSRC coordinates free private rapid HIV testing in the Black House! Testing and results will take less than 5 minutes. No appointment is needed! Learn more about HIV/AIDS in communities that experience systemic disenfranchisement here.

Walk It Out Wednesdays  

Join us at The Black House every Wednesday this month to celebrate Black Fashion History through our Walk It Out Wednesday series! Step into style, express yourself, and enjoy refreshing moments with the community. And we have treats waiting for you!

February 7th -Shoe Cam: Strut your stuff, whether it's sneakers or boots, and let's capture the essence of your footwear!

February 14th -All Things Accessories: Showcase your dazzling jewelry, new hairstyles, coats, and all things accessorized!

February 21st -“Twinnem:” Twin with your crew and showcase your unique and coordinated styles together.

February 28th - NU Drip: Flaunt your best NU fit-make a statement. 

What's Poppin'? "Am I Black Enough? Black Card Revoked"

Let's go beyond the surface, encouraging introspection and understanding. Let's challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and collectively define Blackness in this week's What's Poppin session!

"Hey Boo!" Natural Hair Care in The Residence Halls

Uh-oh…you just got that "Hey Boo…" text from your hairstylist the day of your appointment. Now what? Join us in the residence halls for an engaging and honest conversation on hair-related things! From navigating wash days in communal bathrooms to confronting the challenges of finding the right products, we're diving deep into the world of natural hair journeys. Don't miss out on this opportunity to share, learn, and embrace the beauty of every curl, kink, wave, and twist!

Paris Is Burning Movie Screening

Step into the vibrant world of LGBTQ+ ballroom culture and immerse yourself in the empowering stories told by Legendary queens. Come through the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center for a movie screening of "Paris Is Burning." Refreshments served!

A Pop of Color: Professional Wear and Personality 

We welcome you virtually on February 27th from 6 pm to 7 pm for a fashionable panel as we conclude Black History Month with style. Our panel features Black NU Professionals who will share their insights on blending professional wear with personal flair. Participants will receive a gift bag concluding the program... hint: Est. 2005

Harambee 2024: The Fashion Show 

Ease on down to McCormick Auditorium and get ready to witness a dazzling display of culture, style, and unity at Harambee 2024: The Fashion Show! Let's end BHM with a lil fun! 


If you have any questions, please contact:

If you are looking for other campus Black History Month events or are looking to promote your office or organization's Black History Month event, please find more information through OIDI for the campus-wide calendar of all History Month events.