Service Requests

Instructions for service requests are found below. For cost estimates, see our Estimate Requests webpage. 

Making a service request 

Service requests can be made online or via email or telephone. 

Online requests

Telephone requests

Our request response process

  1. Facilities creates a work task and determines if the request should go to the technician as a priority request.
    • All temperature complaints, plumbing requests and security issues (broken locks, broken windows, etc.) are distributed the same day.
    • With the exception of emergencies (floods, power failures, etc.), which take priority, we try to handle calls in the order they were received.
  2. Work Task information is distributed to the appropriate shop foreman or assistant foreman by pager, radio or phone. He or she then distributes the request to an individual technician.
  3. You can track the status of your service request Facilities Connect.

Billing and payments

Facilities services are billed weekly from Facilities Connect.