Meet the Team


Meet the Facilities Connect Team


Scott Reiter,  Assistant Director, Facilities Products
Reach out to with questions about:

• Feedback of the products
• Requesting new or changed features
• Discuss priorties and the roadmap




CJ Marshall, Training and Support Specialist
Reach out to with questions about:

• “How to” or “How do I?” questions
• Investigations as to why the system is doing what it's doing
• Designing a training curriculum for processes or systems



Nasreen Rajani, Data and Reporting Analyst
Reach out to with questions about:

• Data to answer business questions
• Reporting questions and needs
• Insights on performance


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If you have general questions about Facilities Connect, email

Facilities Team

Space Information

• Carrie West, Senior Director of Facilities Planning
• Kevin Grzyb, Assistant Director, Space Information
• Patrick Eaton, Manager, Space Information

Project Management

• Larry Blouin, Senior Director, Capital Programs
• Bonnie Humphrey, Director of Design
• Dave Stone, Director of Construction

Finance and Administration

• Liz Schaps, Senior Director of Finance & Administration
• George Badillo, Director of Finance & Administration
• Open, Warehouse Manager

 Operations & Maintenance

• Jim McKinney, Senior Director of Operations
• Grainne Flaherty, Director of Operations, Evanston
• Keith Barr, Assistant Director of Operations, Chicago
• MaryPat Pyles, Customer Service Manager
• Evan Goldstein, Reliability Engineer 

Northwestern Information Technology

• Andrew Ludington, Director of Enterprise Systems, Alumni and Finance
• Randall Henry, Functional Applications Manager
• Joy Caluag, Systems Analyst Lead 
• John Rodriguez, Senior Systems Analyst
• Astrid Apopa, Systems Analyst
• Bethany Tacoma, Systems Analyst
• Mark Wheeler, Senior Developer
• Tyler Pearson, Developer Associate