Space Information Management System (SIMS)

Implementation of SIMS (Space Information Management System) began in 2000, with the purchase and installation of Facilities: Systems software. SIMS has two main functions:

Space information from SIMS is intended for the following uses:

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SIMS access and assistance

Aspects of SIMS are available to various user groups:

SIMS FM:Interact

SIMS Survey

SIMS FM:Systems

SIMS assistance

Data downloads and reports or general assistance are available by contacting one of the following:

SIMS and data stewardship

Our Office of Planning’s role using SIMS includes:

The departmental role in providing or maintaining SIMS data includes:

SIMS’s relationship to other University systems

HRIS: SIMS uses HRIS data, such as employee and department name, to generate the assignee and occupant fields of the SIMS survey and database. This allows the system to group individuals within each departmental survey in SIMS.

Currently, SIMS is not linked to NUORISM, Facilities Operations (FO) or Facilities Design & Construction (FDC) Systems.