Classroom Catalog

Below, find a list of available classrooms with capacity noted. To view a gallery of room photos, click on the desired classroom, below.

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Note: Swing spaces in buildings have been added to this catalog. "S" indicates a swing space.

1819 Hinman Avenue1819 Hinman Avenue

555 Clark Street555 Clark Street

Allison HallAllison Hall

1820 Chicago Avenue

Annenberg HallAnnenberg Hall

2120 Campus Drive

Elder HallElder Hall

2400 Sheridan Road

Fisk HallFisk Hall

1845 Sheridan Road

Frances SearleFrances Searle

2240 Campus Drive

Harris HallHarris Hall

1881 Sheridan Road

Kresge HallKresge Hall

1880 Campus Drive

Locy HallLocy Hall

1850 Campus Drive

University LibraryUniversity Library

1970 Campus Drive

Lunt HallLunt Hall

2033 Sheridan Road

Lutkin Memorial HallLutkin Memorial Hall

700 University Place


2200 Campus Drive

Parkes HallParkes Hall

1870 Sheridan Road

Swift HallSwift Hall

2019 Sheridan Road

Tech InstituteTech Institute

2145 Sheridan Road

University HallUniversity Hall

1897 Sheridan Road