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SAW Counselor Application

What is a SAW Counselor 

Counselors for the Summer Academic Workshop (SAW) serve as important ambassadors and role-models to incoming first-year students. Counselors will help students develop lasting relationships, learn how to navigate Northwestern University; and empower students with important tools for their personal success.  

Residency in a campus residence hall is required. Please note that Labor Day Holiday is included in this work commitment. 

SAW Counselor Responsibilities  

Important Dates 

Characteristics of a Successful SAW Counselor 



SAW Counselors will be paid hourly at a $16 rate. SAW Counselors can expect to work up to 20 hours depending on the week.


The SES Student Leader Application is OPENApply by Sunday, April 16.

Please note that the SES Student Leader Application includes the  SAW Counselor and Compass Mentor positions. SES now oversees the Summer Academic Workshop (SAW), a summer bridge program that shares similar goals to the Compass program-supporting FGLI students through their first-year transition to NU. You will be able to select whether you are applying to one or both positions. 

Applying involves 4 steps: 

  1. Attend a required Virtual SES Student Leader Info Session. 
  2. Complete the SES Student Leader Application  
  3. Participate in a Group Interview process 
  4. Applicants selected to continue in our interview process will be scheduled for an individual interview 


The SES Student Leader application collects basic information and has an essay portion. Once the application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. Please read this email carefully as it provides instructions t for a group interview. Below are the essay questions. 

Essay Questions 

  1. Tell us why you want to be a Compass Mentor and/or a SAW Counselor. (150 words)  
  2. Please share your definition of peer mentorship and why it is beneficial for a first-gen and/or lower income (FGLI) first-year? (200 words)  
  3. Write to a new student about an experience, specific to being FGLI, that challenged you during your first year at Northwestern. Please include what you learned and what you would want this new student to take away from your experience. (300 words)  

Group Interview 

The Group Interviews are scheduled for:

You will be able to select the session you are unavailable for when complete the SES Student Leader Application. During the group interview you will complete 2 group activities. One will focus on group dynamics and the other on creativity. 

Individual Interviews 

Applicants selected to continue in our interview process will be scheduled for an individual interview.  


For questions or more information about the SAW Counselor position, please email Associate Director of SES, Mayra Garces,