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Undocumented/DACA at Northwestern

Welcome! Northwestern University welcomes students who have DACA status, are undocumented, or have undocumented family members to our diverse educational community.

We are committed to providing support for all of our students so that they may focus on the pursuit of their education while at Northwestern. The university recognizes the unique barriers that these students and their families may encounter in pursuing a college education, and Northwestern strives to work toward ensuring our students successfully navigate the university experience.

The Office of Student Enrichment Services (SES) and Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) work together to build awareness, provide support and create avenues for advocacy with and for the undocumented / DACA student community. For information about resources please go to Undocumented/DACA Resources.



The Advancement for the Undocumented Community at Northwestern (AUC) is a Northwestern student group that supports and provides resources for the undocumented/DACA community.

Talk to Someone

Alejandro Magana, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs & Jesus Galvan Assistant Director of Student Enrichment Services would love to connect with you to answer your questions and/or provide more information. Please complete this form and Jesus or Alejandro will reach out.



The Office of Student Enrichment Services (SES) and Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) are excited to continue developing programming for the undocumented/DACA communities and its allies. Alejandro and Jesus are also very open to suggestions. Please refer to the Talk to Someone section to connect with them.

Sharing the Dream Conference Delegation

Multicultural Student Affairs takes a delegation of students to the Sharing the Dream Conference each year. This is a one-day conference dedicated to working with and supporting undocumented students. 

The conference is typically in the month of May. If selected for the conference, participants are required to attend a pre-conference meeting and engage in a post-conference teach-in on-campus. Email Alejandro Magana with any questions.