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Compass Mentor Application

What is a Compass Mentor? 

Compass Mentors work with 3-5 first-year students who identify as first-generation and/or lower-income. A mentor's main objective is to assist their mentees as they navigate Northwestern, seek out resources, and find community. Mentors do this by facilitating one-on-one meetings, social events, and workshops for the mentees. Compass Mentors begin supporting their mentee in the Fall through the end of the academic year.

Compass Mentor Responsibilities 



Mentors are paid $3000 . They will be paid each quarter, in three installments of $1000. Work-study strongly preferred, but not required. 


THE COMPASS MENTOR APPLICATION IS NOW OPEN! Application closes Sunday, April 18th. We are excited you are interested in becoming a Compass Mentor. Applying involves 2 steps: completing the application and participating in an individual interview.


The Compass Mentor application collects basic information and has an essay portion. Once the application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. Please read this email carefully as it provides instructions to sign up for an individual interview. Below are the essay questions.

Essay Questions
  1. Tell us why you want to be a Compass Mentor. (150 words)
  2. Please share your definition of peer mentorship and why it is beneficial for a FGLI first-year? (200 words)
  3. Write to a new student about an experience, specific to being first-gen and/or lower income, that challenged you during your first year at Northwestern. What did you learn and what would you want this new student to take away from your experience? (300 words)
  4. Each year the Compass Mentors strive to develop opportunities for mentees to connect with mentors and mentees outside of their pod (the other 2-3 mentees assigned to a mentor). You are charged with developing an in-person opportunity to increase cohort connection. This can be something that is totally new or something that tweaks or changes an aspect of Compass (i.e., workshops & pod hangouts) . In your response please include a summary of the in-person opportunity, materials and/or resources you would utilize, and considerations you would make if your event needed to be virtual (300 words or less)

Individual Interview

The individual interview has 2 components: The Compass Workshop Presentation and traditional interview questions. Following are the instructions for the presentation. Please be prepared to share during you individual interview.

Compass Workshop Presentation 
One of the roles of the Compass Mentor is to develop Compass Workshops with another mentor, Compass GA and/or Mayra, Assistant Director in Student Enrichment Services. The goal of the workshops is to center the needs of FGLI first-year students by providing space for reflection, community building, and resource sharing across and outside of the Compass community. Developing these workshops is an opportunity to enhance and/or supplement content from past workshops, which can entail editing, updating, or completely starting from scratch on content. On average, a mentor spends a minimum of 2-3 hours preparing their workshop. This includes connecting with the Compass GA or Mayra to discuss edits and plans for the workshop, creating accompanying worksheets and/or activities, reaching out to campus partners when applicable, and communicating with the other mentors about their role during the workshop.
For this presentation you will develop a workshop on a topic of your choosing that is relevant to the mentees. This workshop is scheduled for week 4 of Fall Quarter and for our purposes this workshop is facilitated in person. The Compass GA and co-facilitator agree with your updates, and you have access to any materials you may need. You will have 20 minutes to share your process for planning this workshop. Your presentation should include:


For questions or more information about the Compass Mentor position, please contact: