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FGLI Graduation Celebration

FGLI Graduation Celebration

Student Enrichment Services (SES) is thrilled to announce the Inaugural FGLI Graduation Celebration. Our first-ever celebration honors and uplifts the accomplishments of our first-generation, lower-income, and / or undocumented / DACA undergraduate community on campus. 

All students who identify as first-generation, lower-income, and / or undocumented / DACA are invited to participate in this virtual celebration. We are committed to honoring your journey at Northwestern as well as the family, friends, and communities that supported and cheered you on as you achieve d this accomplishment. Each student will have the opportunity to submit a quote, photos, and other information to be featured in this pre-recorded virtual event. Finally, all students who participate will receive a FGLI graduation gift, and students who identify as first-generation college students will also receive a First-Gen stole. 

The FGLI Graduation Celebration  is a virtual event that will premiere on Friday, June 11th at 6:30 pm CST. 

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