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Stored Value Card (VISA) Program

Program Purpose

The Stored Value Card is a type of bankcard with a specific dollar value programmed into it that can be used for research subject reimbursements and payments, and some other special purposes (on an exception basis.) It is intended for single-purpose, small-dollar payments and should not be used for general purchasing or reimbursements.

Payments for services and supplies are not allowed and should be made via Accounts Payable Services.

The benefits of a stored value card include:

  • No plastic card fee
  • Can be used at an ATM
  • Safer than using petty cash
  • Replaceable (if lost or stolen)

Please contact us at with any questions or to submit an order. 

Program Guidelines

Stored card values are limited to payments of $100 or less in a calendar year to an individual. Payments totaling greater than $100 should be made via check. Please see the usage guidelines below.

Request Procedures