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Find an Existing ChartField Value or Chart String

Before requesting a new Department ID, Project ID (non-grant), Program Code, ChartField 1 value, or Account Code, review the following sources to determine if a ChartField value or Chart String already exists.

  • ChartFields / Chart Strings
    • Cognos Reporting, Common Reports Quick Reference:, e.g. run a report using a department tree node for a particular area (the tree is composed of ranges of one or more department values and groupings of department ranges which are called nodes).
    • Commitment Control within NUFinancials: enter ledger and specific or general chart string information in the applicable fields to look-up chart strings based on entered criteria
    • Transaction look-up fields in NUFinancials/NUPortal: most transactions in the financial system include a look-up tool with a magnifying glass to view lists of active ChartFields, e.g. Department IDs, Project IDs, Program Code, ChartField 1, or Account Code.  
  • CUFS (converted) Values Crosswalk to COA in NUFinancials
    • Useful for identifying chart strings set-up in the CUFS system and converted to NUFinancials
    • Job Aid: Crosswalk
    • Crosswalk Look-up: Visit the NUPortal
    • All Crosswalk Values
  • Account Code Guide
    • A searchable list of revenue and expense values and descriptions, indicating recommended and commonly used values with a short definition and noting restricted and budgetary only values.
    • Account Code Guide

  • Contact ChartField Maintenance