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Role Descriptions

New employees are automatically provisioned with the basic roles for expense entry and iBuyNU Shopper access.  A Security Access Form should be submitted to Financial Operations IT Security to add or modify existing access.  

To view a list of roles for a user, run the GE007 – User Security Profile report.  Please use the descriptions below for more information about a role.

Contact FOIT Security or refer to the General Access Form for additional information.

FFRA System Role NAME Description
Cognos Reporting Roles

Monthly Financial

Run budget statements, revenue and expense activity and financial reports


Run capital project, budget detail, chart field mapping and job cost reports

Sponsored Programs Management

Run financial and management reports for sponsored projects

Supply Chain

Run Vendor and Procurement Tracking Reports (Encumbrances, Delivery, Change Order History)

SES Tuition Encumbrance

View SES tuition encumbrance details

Ad Hoc Query Runner

Run reports created by Ad Hoc Query Authors

Ad Hoc Query Author
(Training Required)

Access Query Studio to create, build, and save reports

Salary Access

View payroll detail by employee for all departments and projects where Row Level Security has been indicated

InfoEd Reports

View sponsored projects reports for proposals and awards

NUFinancials Roles

Expense Entry

Enter expense reports, advances, and travel authorizations for yourself or for other individuals for whom you have proxy access; does not enable a user to modify their expense report proxy list

Expense Inquiry

View expense reports, advances, and travel authorizations

Expense Proxy

Maintain a list of users for whom a user with the Expense Entry role can enter data on behalf of; can modify any user’s proxy list

iBuyNU Shopper

Access iBuyNU to create shopping carts and assign to Requester but cannot create requisitions in NUFinancials


Create and view requisitions for any chart string. ‘Punch out’ to iBuyNU via NUFinancials; access Create Requisitions menu to create new orders and pick up carts assigned to you by Shoppers; modify and receive your own orders; view and print purchase orders

Vendor Code Request

Access to create a Vendor Request and to review/edit saved and submitted Vendor Request (This role was granted before 09/28/2015 to all Users who have the Requester and/or Online Voucher role)

Online Voucher

Create and edit online vouchers (Direct Payment Requests, Visitor Expense Reports and Contracted Services Forms)


Receive for all orders, including those placed by other users (intended for loading dock personnel and central staff)

eProcurement Inquiry

Inquire on the status of orders in NUFinancials via eProcurement pages

Procurement Inquiry

Inquire on the status of orders in NUFinancials via Purchasing pages

Accounts Payable Inquiry

View voucher data, basic vendor data (not FEIN/SSN), and payment history

Budget Journal Entry

Create revenue and expense budget adjustment entries via the budget journal portal (journals cannot cross fund groups)

Journal Entry

Create revenue and expense GL adjustment entries via the actuals journal portal; also permits access to GL inquiry pages

Cash Receipt Entry

Enter and inquire on cash receipt transaction entries

Cash Receipt Inquiry

View-only access to cash receipt transaction entry pages

Budget Inquiry

Inquire on budget status (subject to Row Level Security access)

Asset Management View Only

View capital assets as well as the relevant financial information (cost, location, useful life and accumulated depreciation)

Chartfield Manager Entry

Enter and update managers, reviewers and attributes for Chartfield values

Chartfield Values View Only

View Chartfield values including Project ID, Department ID, Account, CF1, Fund, and related attributes