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Modify Existing Access

Change in Role and Responsibilities

To revise administrative systems access for an individual prompted by a change in role and responsibilities within the same department, submit a new Security Access Form to FOIT Security. Check the necessary "Modify" boxes on Instruction page, and complete only the subsequent section(s) that require either "Add" or "Remove" access. 

Transfer to a New Department

To revise access for an individual prompted by a transfer from their Current department to a New department, notice to FOIT Security must be submitted by both departments:

  • The new department the employee is transferring TO should submit a Security Access Form. Check "Yes" box on Department Transfer, on the Instruction page. The new department must expressly specify access by: a) checking required "Add" boxes on Instruction page, and; b) completing all subsequent section(s), checking "Add" as needed.
  • The Current department the employee is transferring FROM must notify us of the employee's scheduled transfer/last day. Email notice from the department head is preferred. In cases where employee needs to retain access beyond their transfer date for a brief transition period, please also provide the end date for that transition period. 

Note: Access modification to CUFS archives and historical data can be obtained by contacting Financial Operations IT directly at or 847.467.3777.