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Capital Equipment Unit Representatives

Capital Equipment Unit Representatives

Capital equipment unit representatives act as a liaison between Financial Operations and their school or unit for capital equipment monitoring purposes. Unit representatives serve as a starting point for Financial Operations asset inquiries. Unit representatives have the following responsibilities:

  • Support Financial Operations by publicizing, monitoring and enforcing capital equipment policies and procedures at the department level.
  • Work closely with Financial Operations to ensure property tags are affixed to capital equipment and properly updated in NUFinancials.
  • Biennually (i.e., once every two years) perform the capital equipment inventory for the school/unit and submit Asset Requests for disposals and transfers identied.
  • Facilitate the physical observation of capital equipment inventory by a Financial Operations representative, or for external or internal audit requests.

Registration of Capital Equipment Unit Representatives

To register as a capital equipment unit representative please download and complete the Capital Equipment Registration Form and submit by email to Accounting Services, A Director or Senior Administrator approval is required to authorize a capital equipment unit representative.

Capital Equipment Unit Representative Resources

  • Capital equipment reports (AM002) are available for download on Cognos.  Reports may also be requested by emailing  Include in your request the Department ID(s) that should be included in the capital equipemtn inventory report.
  • The Equipment Policy Manual includes policies related to capital equipment.
  • Accounting Services provides ongoing guidance and support to aid unit representatives in their responsibilities relating to capital equipment.
  • Capital equipment policies and procedures are presented annually, alternating campuses to align with the biennial inventory cycle.  Updated presentations are posted on this website and available for the Northwestern community to reference.
  • Important capital equipment updates and reminders are emailed to unit representatives at least annually.