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Capital Equipment Unit Representatives

Capital Equipment Units

A capital equipment unit consists of a single department or related grouping of departments that has capital equipment.

Capital Equipment Unit Representatives

Capital equipment unit representatives act as a liaison between Financial Operations and their unit for capital equipment purposes. Unit representatives serve as a starting point for Financial Operations asset inquiries. Unit representatives have the following responsibilities:

  • Support Financial Operations by publicizing, monitoring and enforcing capital equipment policies and procedures at the unit level.
  • Assist Financial Operations with tagging their unit’s new capital equipment in a manner that works best for their unit.
  • Biannually, it is the responsibility of the unit representative to determine and execute a method of capital equipment inventory verification that works best for their unit, provide required updates to Financial Operations and certify that they have done so with their signature.
  • If a unit has capital equipment purchased two fiscal years or more prior, that has not been verified in the prior or current fiscal year, they will be required by Financial Operations to perform capital equipment inventory verification for such equipment in the current fiscal year regardless of inventory cycle.
  • Additionally, unit representatives are responsible for facilitating the physical observation of capital equipment inventory by a Financial Operations representative when required.

Registration of Capital Equipment Unit Representatives

To register as a capital equipment unit representative please download and complete the Capital Equipment Registration Form and submit by email to Accounting Services, A Director or Senior Administrator approval is required to authorize a capital equipment unit representative.

Capital Equipment Unit Representative Resources

  • Capital equipment reports are available for download on Cognos.
  • The Equipment Policy Manual includes policies related to capital equipment.
  • Accounting Services provides ongoing guidance and support to aid unit representatives in their responsibilities relating to capital equipment.
  • Capital equipment policies and procedures are reviewed at an annual training conducted by Financial Operations.
  • Important capital equipment updates and reminders are emailed to unit representatives.
  • A barcode scanner to be utilized for capital equipment inventory verification may be reserved for use by units on a first-come first-serve basis by contacting Accounting Services.