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Virtual Card Request Procedure

Stored Value (VISA) Virtual Program

Virtual Card Request Procedure:

  1. Fill out the Stored Value Card Request Form (Virtual) for new card requests or the Stored Value Card Request Form (Virtual Reload) for card reload requests.
  2. The form must then be signed and approved by the department administrator.
  3. Complete the New Registration Template, for first time participant requests, or the Reload Template .  Attach the template to an email along with the card request form and send it to  All card requests must be submitted by 11:00 am to be processed within 2 days.
  4. The card requestor will receive an email with a load confirmation sheet to verify that the virtual card requests were generated.
  5. The recipient will then receive two emails: a welcome email and an email with a link to activate their online account.
  6. The recipient will need to follow the prompts to register their card. They will be asked to enter a study ID, which is provided to them by the department conducting the study.
  7. Once the activation is complete, the funds are ready to use for online purchases.