Depository Services

Are you missing revenue?

If you are missing revenue that was expected in by wire or ACH, or you discover funds that belong to your department, please contact Yan Shen (847.491.4691) or Joe Stolz (847.467.4962).

Depository Services (DS) has general oversight of departmental bank deposits, cash receipt ticket creation, and merchant card use in more than 100 campus locations. The department assists Accounting Services with the reconciliation of all merchant card and CRT activity with active communication with department staff and periodic training sessions.  

Depository Services provides the following services to the University:

  • Processing tuition payments via cash or check at our walk-up windows
  • Allocating wire transfer payments university-wide for tuition, departmental payments, and university donations
  • Distributing currency to various eateries on campus
  • Voiding erroneous CRTs processed
  • Replenishing petty cash
  • Issuing human subject payments with cash or stored value cards/virtual payments
  • Ordering replacement U-Pass Ventra cards for graduate students



Evanston Campus
Cindy Regner
Yan Shen
Joseph Stolz
Treasury Operations Supervisor
Cash Analyst
Cash Manager
Chicago Campus
Katwanya West Manager of Student Finance 312.503.8210 or 312.503.8525