Fabricated Equipment

Fabricated Equipment Policy

Fabricated equipment is defined as an item of equipment that is built or assembled from individual parts by a PI and/or other sponsored project personnel, an internal shop, or an external shop. When a completed item of fabricated equipment has an aggregate cost of $5,000 or more it is considered capital equipment.

Fabricated Equipment Procedures

View the Fabricated Equipment Procedures document for more detailed information on the roles of Accounting Services, Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Projects, and the Office of Sponsored Research.

Fabricated Equipment Questionnaire

Complete the Fabricated Equipment Questionnaire before you complete the fabricated equipment form to help ensure the proper classification of equipment.

Fabricated Equipment Form

Complete the Fabricated Equipment Form

Submit Forms

Submit the completed Fabricated Equipment Form, the Fabricated Equipment Questionnaire and the OSR-2 Form to OSR by: email to the appropriate Grant and Contract Officer (Find My Grants Officer), fax: 847.491.4800 (Evanston) or 312.503.2234 (Chicago), or mail to: Office of Sponsored Research, 2-502 Crown (Evanston) or 517 Abbott (Chicago).