Non-Capital Equipment Department Inventory

The University's main equipment inventory covers all capital equipment with a minimum cost of $5,000 and a useful life of one year or more. The vast majority of computers cost under $5,000 and are not included in NU's inventory. In response to the concerns of departments who want to inventory all of their computers, the University is providing inventory tags, training and an Excel template to track department equipment. The departments will provide their own labor to set-up and maintain their inventories.

The first step is tagging the existing equipment that you want to inventory on a room by room basis and writing down the description and location of each item that you tag. The description includes the manufacturer, model and serial number as well as the actual description of the item. Fill out the Do-It-Yourself Inventory Order Form (below) to request department inventory tags printed with "Non-Capital Equipment, Northwestern University" on them.

The next step is adding this information to the Do-It-Yourself Inventory Excel template to track the equipment in your inventory. This template is a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet with columns labeled for description, location and accounting information for each item that you want in your inventory.

After you tag each new piece of equipment as it's received, update your Excel spreadsheet with the description, location and accounting information of your new purchase. Then, once a year, go through all of your rooms, checking off each item that you find on your Excel printout. Indicate any location transfers on your spreadsheet by updating the room, building or user name fields for the items that have been moved within the University. Remove any equipment from your spreadsheet that has been disposed, sold or transferred to another institution.

A one-on-one inventory training session can be requested by filling out the Do-It-Yourself Inventory Order Form (below). The Property Accountant will call or e-mail you to schedule an appointment after she receives your form. The training session will walk you through the inventory process step-by-step. However, it's still up to you to set-up and maintain your own inventory.

Do-It-Yourself Inventory Order Form

Fill out the form below to request a free inventory training session in your office or department inventory tags.

The inventory training session will teach you how to set-up and maintain your own department equipment inventory. You'll be contacted by phone or e-mail to schedule a training session.

The aluminum inventory tags are $.20 each and have a unique identification number stamped on each tag. The tags will be sent out through the University mail.

Training Session Aluminum Inventory Tags