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NÜ Men Nomination Form

We are excited to announce that the NÜ Men initiative is growing. Beginning in Winter Quarter 2017 we will be offering space in two separate cohorts. For those of you who may not be familiar, NÜ Men launched in Spring 2016, and is a 6-week dialogue experience with the intention to challenge its participants to critically examine and deconstruct their own masculinity, to examine the systemic connections between traditional masculinity and gender-based violence, and to create personal definitions and counter narratives to dominant masculinity.

As an individual who interacts with students, we hope that you will be able to help us reach a diverse group of students who may be interested in participating in NÜ Men. We are seeking students whose gender identity, expression, and/or biological sex align with male-ness, man-ness, and masculinity. Each cohort of NÜ Men has space for up to 12 participants. NÜ Men will occur each Fall, Winter, and Spring moving forward, so feel free to suggest students who might be abroad, or otherwise away from campus.

Please nominate at least one individual and up to five here. All you need to do is submit a student’s name and email, and indicate whether you’d like the nomination(s) to be anonymous or not. In the event that you would like to nominate more than five, please reopen the link and submit another set of nomination information.

We will reach out to the individuals nominated, shortly after we receive nominations. We are currently recruiting for the upcoming academic year's cohort. 

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact our staff below:

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