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Are CARE services free of charge?

CARE services are completely free for Northwestern students. 

Are CARE services confidential? Are there any exceptions?

CARE services are completely confidential. No one will be notified that you’ve made or been to an appointment at CARE. The only exception is if CARE staff believe you or another person in immediate danger. 

What are my options if I have experienced sexual violence?

If you have experienced sexual violence, you have options about how to move forward. You might choose to tell no one, tell a friend or loved one, report to the university or to the police, or seek support or counseling services. See more on your options here or make an appointment with a CARE staff member to talk through your options and experience. 

How can I leave a violent or abusive relationship?

Leaving a violent or abusive relationship is difficult and scary. You might not have the support or financial resources you need to feel safe leaving the relationship. CARE staff members can help get you connected to resources to leave safely and help you make a short- and long-term safety plan for leaving. For more detailed information, visit our pages on relationship violence

How do I support someone who has experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking?

It’s great that you are looking for additional resources to support someone through this experience. You might choose to make an appointment with a CARE member to talk through how to support this person and yourself throughout this process or see additional resources for more on how to be a supportive friend, parent, partner, or community member.  

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