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CARE is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of students who access our services, and is bound by law to protect that confidentiality. As a confidential resource, CARE staff are obligated to not disclose information about incidents of sexual misconduct to anyone, including law enforcement or the University. In addition, CARE records are strictly confidential nor is the use of CARE services indicated on the student's academic transcript. No one outside of CARE may receive information about a student's services with CARE without the student's written permission There are a few exceptions to confidentiality with CARE staff:

Review CARE’s Confidentiality Statement and Limits to Service disclosure to understand this more fully.

When a student reports sexual misconduct to any staff other than a confidential resource, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. CARE staff advocate within Northwestern to prioritize survivor privacy in all university procedures.

Confidential Resources on Campus
Confidential Resource Address Phone Number Website
CARE Searle Hall 633 Emerson St, 3rd Floor 847-491-2054 CARE Homepage
Religious & Spiritual Life (Chaplains) 1870 Sheridan Rd 847-491-7256 Religious & Spiritual Life Homepage
CAPS Searle Hall, 633 Emerson St, 2nd Floor (Evanston)  | Abbott Hall, 5th Floor (Chicago) 847-491-8100 CAPS Homepage

In order to identify patterns or systemic problems related to sexual violence, relationship violence, and/or stalking, CARE voluntarily submits aggregated data to stakeholders. Only aggregate numbers (total) about incidents of sexual violence, relationship violence, and/or stalking is reported; CARE does not report information that is personally identifiable. Information about the nature and general location of the incident are kept as vague as possible.

Click here for off-campus confidential resources.

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