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If You're Being Stalked

What can I do if I think I'm being stalked?

1. Talk to someone you trust.

Let someone know (i.e., friends, family, resources at Northwestern, or talk to a CARE advocate) and/or inform the Northwestern University Police Department.

2. Develop a safety plan.

Working with a CARE advocate to make a safety plan can help reduce the risk of harm and help you feel safer. Visit the Responding to Relationship Violence page to find more information and some safety planning tools. For additional information on safety planning and strategies, see Stalking Awareness Safety Strategies (pdf).

3. Keep track of the stalker's behavior using a Stalking Incident and Behavior Log.

Keep a log of all stalking behaviors (pdf) including e-mails, text and phone messages. Also, keep any letters or gifts you have received. The log and any other items can be used for evidence.

4. Report online harassment to NUIT.

See the NUIT Online Harassment Policy for more information. The non-profit organization Without My Consent also maintains resources for victims of online harassment.

5. Apply for a Stalking No Contact Order (pdf) or a no-contact directive.

Two remedies that are available to people experiencing stalking are a Stalking No Contact Order through the court system or a no-contact directive, which is an informal measure through Northwestern. Follow the links for information on what these actions may remedy, and know that you can always speak to a CARE advocate in order to better navigate the process.

6. Rely on trusted people including friends and family for support.

Remember that you are not alone, and take care of your emotional health.

7. Seek counseling for support.

CAPS offers counseling on campus, and both CARE and CAPS can refer you to therapists in the community.

What can I do if my friend may be experiencing stalking?

If you’re trying to support a friend who is being stalked, it may be difficult to know which way to respond or to not experience their fear yourself. CARE is here as a resource to both those experiencing stalking and those they turn to for support. Schedule an appointment at CARE to find support for yourself and talk about ways in which to be good support for your friends.

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