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CARE staff strive to provide training for staff, faculty and student leaders about responding to incidents of sexual violence, bystander intervention, and other topics by request. We will work with you to meet the needs of the audience. 

Support Starts Here

Support Starts Here gives participants the skills to effectively support a survivor of sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking. The training will help create a community that can listen to, support, and refer survivors in meaningful ways. This two hour training is open to faculty, staff, and students and we ask for a minimum of 10 participants to be involved. If your group is interested please fill out our Program Request Form or reach out to to schedule a training.

CARE is also happy to offer programs on other topics, including:

  • Everything You Should Have Learned in High School Sex Ed. Learn – or relearn – the basics of contraception, STI’s, safer sex, and related resources.
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Skills for fighting fair and creating healthy relationships, hook-ups, or break ups. .
  • Having Tough Conversations. Learn skills to talk to a friend about gender based violence.
  • Consent: It Starts with a Question. Ask questions about consent, including Northwestern’s policy, intersections with alcohol and drug use, and tips for communicating.
  • Relationship Violence: Deal Breakers. How to distinguish between healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors.
  • Sexual Violence in our Communities. A space to learn more about sexual violence prevalence, impacts, and dynamics and discuss ways to challenge rape culture.
  • Connecting the Dots: Recognizing and Understanding Staking. How to identify stalking behaviors and understand their impact.
  • What Makes a Man?: Discuss the connections between unhealthy masculinity, rape culture, and violence; explore and complicate our understandings of masculinity as it is mapped onto different bodies.
  • Self-Care and Vicarious Trauma. A workshop for activists and supports of survivors, learn more about vicarious trauma, participate in some mindfulness activities, and leave with important coping skills.
  • Know Your IX. Ask questions about the Title IX process at Northwestern from CARE advocates who know the process. 

Please fill out the Program Request Form or reach out to to schedule a training.

Step Up

Step Up is a bystander intervention training program that aims to create a more engaged Northwestern community by providing students, faculty, and staff with the basic tools to safely and effectively intervene in situations where someone might be in danger.

Participants in this 90 minute training leave with an understanding of the barriers to intervention and the strategies they can take to intervene.

Step Up is co-managed by CARE and Social Justice Education.  For more information, or to request a program, visit the Social Justice Education website.