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Abortion Information and Resources

If you are pregnant, you may be considering getting an abortion. People get abortions for a number of reasons, and you should choose whatever feels right to you. Even if you are sure about getting an abortion, you may have some questions about what the process is like, the cost, and where you can get one. This page contains information and links to additional resources. For more information on abortions, visit Planned Parenthood. 

Types of Abortions

There are two types of abortion: in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill. In-clinic abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. They are safe and effective and are also referred to as surgical abortions. The abortion pill is medication abortion and can be used to end an early pregnancy.

Illinois Abortion Law 

Abortion is legal in Illinois for both teens and adults. If you are over 18, you have the right to keep your abortion confidential. To see the abortion laws in other states, visit here.