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Masculinity, Allyship, Reflection, Solidarity (MARS)


What is MARS?

Masculinity, Allyship, Reflection, Solidarity (MARS) is an all-masculine identifying peer education group affiliated with CARE that provides education around healthy masculinity in predominantly masculine spaces at Northwestern. MARS is dedicated to combating rape culture and “restrictive masculinity” while also promoting “healthy masculinity” on campus through self-work and peer-led discussions. MARS exists as a space to openly and genuinely learn about yourself and how to help others form healthy self-images through exploration of masculinity.

MARS is advised by Saed D. Hill

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If you would like members of MARS to speak to your student group, please email

Want to Join?

MARS recruits and trains new members during fall quarter. If you have questions, or would like to be notified when MARS is accepting applications, please email

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