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Pregnancy Testing

Doctor-administered pregnancy testing is available for students by appointment at University Health Services. To schedule an appointment, use the online Northwestern Medicine portal or call 847-491-2204. Results are available on the same day as the appointment.

The cost of pregnancy testing is covered under NU Student Health Insurance when performed during an office visit. Those with other insurance policies will need to pay for testing services at the time of the visit and submit a reimbursement claim to their insurance company. Visit or call the Health Service Laboratory at 847-491-2143 with any questions about costs of services.

Home pregnancy tests are also available at the NUHS Pharmacy. The cost of the test is usually about $10 without insurance. Visit or call the Pharmacy with any questions at 847-491-2144.


What will happen when I go to University Health Services to get the test?

A clinician will ask you for a urine sample and will talk to you about why you think you might be pregnant. Be prepared to provide the dates of your last two menstrual periods. This is a good opportunity to discuss important issues related to pregnancy prevention, such as how well your current method of birth control is working for you or whether you have been forced to have sex against your will. NUHS clinicians can help you with these and other concerns. You will not be given a pelvic exam at this time.

How soon after a missed period will a pregnancy test show accurate results? Do I have to wait until I miss a period to get a test?

Most of the time, a urine test will accurately detect a pregnancy 2 to 3 days before a missed menstrual period. Most women will wait until a day or two after the time when they were supposed to get their period to come in for a test. Remember, many things -- including stress -- can disrupt the menstrual cycle and cause you to be late or even skip a period altogether.

What is the difference between a pregnancy test at NUHS and one that I do myself at home?

Over-the-counter home pregnancy tests can be purchased at most drugstores for around $8 – 15 (the cost at the NUHS pharmacy is $10). They are similar to the tests that are done by clinicians at NUHS. Two advantages to having a test done at NUHS are the test is covered by the NU Student Health Insurance plan -- if you have it -- and a clinician is more likely to perform the test accurately than you are at home. Some students will come to NUHS to confirm the result of a home pregnancy test.

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