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Room 1.110 (west end of 1st floor lobby)
633 Emerson Street, Evanston Campus

Pharmacy Services

We request that all users of the Pharmacy to please wear a mask or comparable face covering to help protect yourself and the staff from the risks associated with COVID-19. There are masks available just inside the first floor lobby for all visitors to the building.

The Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service Pharmacy is here to serve your prescription drug and over-the-counter medication needs. We accept most major prescription benefit plans. Patients who use NUHS may have their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy of their own choice. A valid Northwestern WildCARD (NU identification card) is necessary to use the Pharmacy. Prescriptions from licensed physicians are filled by our registered pharmacist at a reasonable cost and are frequently below the cost charged at local retail pharmacies when not using insurance. New The Health Service Pharmacy is located in the first floor lobby at 633 Emerson Street on the Evanston Campus.prescriptions or refill authorizations from providers are not accepted by email but are accepted by fax or phone.

Please note that faxed prescriptions must be signed by a physician. Additionally, any prescription(s) from your healthcare provider external to the Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service can be routed directly as an eScript to the Northwestern University Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service Pharmacy. Users of the Pharmacy may be interested in reviewing the document on Pharmacy Patient Privacy Rights.

Prescription Refills

Refills of any current prescription(s) with outstanding refills remaining may be requested via the Personal Health Portal as follows:

Prescriptions may be paid for by credit or debit card only at this time. A limited selection of common non-prescription, Over-The-Counter (OTC) products, such as allergy and cold remedies, cough syrups, analgesics, contraceptives, humidifiers, thermometers, and heating pads are also available.

Disposal of Unused or Expired Medication and Sharps

The following services are available to currently enrolled Northwestern students at no cost:

For students who have a need to properly dispose of unused or expired medication(s), you may request a self-service mailer which will allow you to package and send your medication to an authorized disposal service. Please request a mailer directly from the staff at the Health Service Pharmacy during the regular hours of the Pharmacy. Additionally, the following are State-approved medication drop-off sites in Evanston:

Evanston Police Department
1454 Elmwood Avenue

St. Francis Hospital Pharmacy
800 Austin Street

For additional approved sites, visit:

For students who have sharps (e.g. syringes) to dispose of associated with injectable medications or blood testing,  you may request a sharps container for proper disposal.  Please see any staff member in Health Service Administration in room 1.118 to request a sharps container during regular business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. When the sharps disposal container is approaching 75% full, carefully secure the lid and return the sharps container to Health Service Administration and you may receive a replacement sharps container.

Related information from the FDA on sharps disposal

If you have further questions about services provide by the Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service Pharmacy, here is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions or you may call  847.491.2144.