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Contraception & Pregnancy

University Health Services provides contraception, annual exams and other services for students through its Women’s Health Department. To schedule an appointment, use the online Northwestern Medicine portal or call 847-491-2204.

University Health Services stocks more than 30 different types of prescription contraceptives, including:

Costs depend on if you have NU Student Health Insurance or an outside form of insurance, and if the birth control is brand name or generic. Those with NU Student Health Insurance will have no copay associated with the cost of generic prescription contraceptives. Brand name prescription contraceptives may have a $40 copay per month supply. Those with NU Student Health Insurance and eligible refills are able to fill up to three months’ worth of contraceptives at a time from the Health Service Pharmacy.

Contraceptive costs vary with other prescription insurance plans. The Health Service Pharmacy accepts most outside plans or you can choose to pay full price and submit the claim to insurance yourself if the pharmacy does not have access to your plan.

If you’re looking to start a new birth control prescription, schedule an appointment with an NUHS doctor to talk more about your options and the costs. If you already have a prescription, call the Pharmacy at 847-491-2144 to ask about transferring the prescription or the costs of birth control. Visit their Birth Control FAQs page for some more information.

For general information about contraception, visit the Planned Parenthood website. The Bedsider website includes an interactive guide to select the best birth control for you. Take a look at Sexual Health Resources for Northwestern Students (pdf) for outside agencies that provide sexual health and contraceptive services.

Free Safer Sex Supplies

CARE and SHAPE provide free condoms and safer sex supplies for Northwestern students in “Safer Sex Six Packs.” The packages contain four condoms, a packet of lubricant, and a mint or candy (which symbolizes that some students choose not to have sex) along with safer sex information. In addition, a whole bunch of other supplies are provided including dental dams, internal condoms, flavored condoms, additional barrier methods, and more! If you need something but don’t see it, ask any folks in the reception area on the third floor of Searle Hall.

Safer Sex Six Packs and other safer sex supplies can be obtained in the following locations:

Please be respectful of the fact that locations have a limited supply of condoms and take no more than two packs at a time when you visit the above locations. Additional condoms can be purchased at discounted prices from the pharmacy on the first floor of the NU Health Service.

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