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supporting the quest for meaning and purpose in life.

On behalf of the entire staff of Religious & Spiritual Life,
we welcome you home to our Evanston campus. 

Welcome to
Religious & Spiritual Life! 


Mindfulness at Northwestern


The first step of a pathway into mindfulness is experiencing it for yourself.

Try this 3 Minute Breathing Space now.  After you finish listening, ask yourself:

  • What did I notice?
  • How is this different from how I normally pay attention?
  • What am I experiencing in my body, thoughts, feelings right now?

Mindfulness is the experience of developing particular awareness to the present moment without judgement.  The practice of mindfulness includes drawing attention to the breath, the entire body, physical sensations, thoughts, and sounds. 

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Other Resources
  • BREATHE -  A variety of guided meditations and breathing practices to help you deal with stress.
  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness - Explore the eight dimensions of wellness & campus resources related to each

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