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Help With Prepayment Plan Enrollment Screens

Use these pages to preview enrolling in a new prepayment plan agreement, as well as viewing or updating an existing plan.

1 Select an available plan

UGRD, TGS, or students in other quarter-based programs see:

Quarter payment plan with radio button to select

LAW students see:

Available semester plan with radio button to select

MED and PO students see:

Annual payment plan with radio button to select

2 Use the budget worksheet to determine the estimated plan amount (adjustments are permitted later)Budget worksheet
3 Plan Options: chose a security question & answer; select a payment methodPayment plan options
4 When Credit Card payment method is chosen, the 2.6% Service Fee reminder displaysCredit card service fee reminder

5 Displays 3 plan amounts: down payment due, CC 2.6% service fee, and enrollment fee; and enter:

  • CC profile info with CC billing address, and
  • CC profile nameCC profile info and profile name
6 Confirm details are correctConfirm details
7 Read terms & conditions, check the checkboxTerms and conditions

8 Payment plan receipt, showing

  • today’s 3 amounts: enrollment fee, down payment, 2.5% CC service fee;
  • this plan's unique agreement ID#Plan receipt and unique ID