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Employer Reimbursement

Employer reimbursement

Northwestern University's employer reimbursement plan is designed for students in the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies and in the Kellogg School of Management’s part-time MBA program whose employers offer reimbursement for tuition charges. It allows participants to defer their tuition payments to Northwestern until after the term has been completed. 

Application details

See the Employer Reimbursement Plan Brochure (or the Previous Year's Brochure during the summer term) for the application and further information. Complete the application and deliver it to Student Finance on the Chicago campus.

Third-Party Payments

If a third party such as your employer or other sponsor pays your tuition at the beginning of the term without stipulations, Student Finance is able to facilitate the billing and payment process for you.

First, your employer or sponsor must agree to pay your tuition regardless of the courses taken or the grades received. A written statement of this agreement, which is renewable annually, must reach Student Finance no later than one month before classes begin. It should specify the appropriate contact person’s name and telephone number, the address to which invoices should be sent, the period covered by the authorization, and the charges to which it applies (tuition, fees, books, University housing, etc.). It is expected that payment will be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

If your employer or sponsor does not agree to these terms, you may be able to negotiate alternative arrangements in which Student Finance does not work directly with the third party. For example, some employers are unwilling to pay unless students receive passing grades. In these cases, students pay their tuition and fees on their own and later apply for reimbursement from their employer.

If your employer or sponsor fails to make payments on time, the University will cease to facilitate the third­party payment process for you, and it becomes your responsibility to make payments when expected.

Because you as a student are responsible for your account at all times, you will receive invoices even while a third party is receiving invoices. In the event that the third party fails to pay, responsibility for paying the invoice and any applicable late payment fees reverts to you. The third party may or may not reimburse you for these charges.