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Enrollment Changes & Billing

You may be charged tuition and fees when you make changes to your course registration. This section explains the University refund policy for:

Note: Refunds on the account that are not related to financial aid funds will be returned to the original source of payment.

Canceling enrollment for a term

Policy: If you preregister for a quarter and later decide not to attend the class, communicate with the dean’s office or academic advisor in your school who will help you to notify the Registrar's Office in writing before the first day of the quarter's classes.

Your account: You will not be charged the applicable tuition and fees.

Dropping a course

(Undergraduates and Graduates)

 Policy: To officially drop a course, you must complete the drop in CAESAR or undergraduates may file a completed Add/Drop/P/N Request found on the Registrar's Office Form site by the drop deadline. In order to receive a tuition adjustment, you must drop the course before the tuition adjustment deadline for the quarter, see the Academic Calendar for the specific date for the quarter in which you are dropping a class.  

  • Undergraduates who miss the tuition adjustment deadline may in rare cases submit a petition for exception, which must demonstrate circumstances beyond the student’s control delayed taking action to drop which are supported by documentation (e.g., serious medical condition that renders students unable to take appropriate action). See Undergraduate Advising for instructions to submit a petition for a late tuition adjustment.
  • Exception petitions for Graduate students may be submitted for those who have missed the tuition adjustment deadline due to circumstances beyond their control. Students enrolled in The Graduate School  may reach out to . All other graduate students may consult with their school.

Changing your registration status

(School of Professional Studies undergraduates)

Policy: If you change your registration status from audit to credit, the additional tuition will be due at the time of the change; if you change your registration from credit to audit, you will be charged the normal auditor's fee.

Your account: The current Non-Credit Audit Fee for the School of Professional Studies will be charged to your student account.

Leaving school due to military service

Policy: If you are ordered to active duty in the military during an academic term and are unable to complete coursework, you must present proof of induction or recall to active duty to the Student Finance.

Your account: You will receive a full refund of tuition and fees for the term. However, if you make arrangements with the instructor and school to receive credit for one or more courses, the refund will be prorated according to the credit received.

Withdrawal from the University

Policy: Immediately upon withdrawal, obtain a Withdrawal Form from the Registrar's Office and get all required signatures. Masters students are required to submit their forms to their program offices before filing them at the Registrar's Office. Student Finance and Financial Aid consider the date the completed form is received at the Registrar's Office as the official date governing financial adjustments. If you leave the University without official notification of your intent to withdraw, the midpoint of the quarter will be recorded as the official withdrawal date.

Your account: You will not receive a refund for your tuition deposit or non-refundable fees. You may receive refunds, in the form of adjustments to your account, for refundable fees and some of your tuition. See Withdrawing from the University for more information.