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Defer Prior Educational Loans

You may be eligible to defer payment on prior educational loans while you are enrolled at least half-time as a student at Northwestern. Contact your loan servicer to determine if you qualify for a student deferment.

In many cases the deferment will occur automatically. However, it is the borrower's responsibility to ensure the accurate status is reflected on his/her loan.

The deferment process depends on the loan type:

Federal Direct Loans (Stafford and Grad PLUS) and Alternative Loans

  1. The University Registrar sends your enrollment information to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse once a month.
  2. The Clearinghouse notifies your lender/servicer that you are enrolled.
  3. If your lender/servicer sends you a deferment form, simply submit it to your current school's registrar office. 

Federal Perkins Loan

  1. Contact your former school (from which that Perkins Loan was borrowed) to obtain a Student Deferment form (your former school is your lender for Federal Perkins Loan).
  2. Complete the "Student Section" of each deferment form as directed.
  3. Bring or send each deferment form to your current school's registrar's office.
  4. Your registrar will complete the form and send it to your former school.
  5. Contact your lender(s) by telephone 6-8 weeks after school begins or after submitting the form to your registrar (whichever is later) to verify that your student deferment has been processed.

Your Responsibilities While in Deferment

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