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QuikPay MFA Navigation

Set Up MFA & Navigate

Three authentication components are built into the QuikPay login site:

These steps can be used as a reference for:

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Setting up Multi-factor Authentication with Duo

(A) E-mail multi-factor is an alternative if your Duo Mobile app is not available. When you have Duo Mobile app installed on your device, enable Account Security MFA by clicking Setup Multi-factor Authentication:

MFA setup multi factor

(B) Click Sign Up Using App:

MFA signup using app


(C) Register your App displays your unique QR Code; do not click anything; open your phone.

QR code displays

(D) Use your phone camera or QR Code reader to scan the QR code; yellow corners indicate QR code is recognized; then

(E) Tap "Webpage Tap Here" to go to your URL:

scan QR webpage tap here
(F) Select Duo Mobile and Just once to create a Third Party account in Duo for QuikPay Dashboard:

open with Duo (just once)
(G) Duo Mobile, Edit account displays:

  • Name: netid « replace "netid" with something unique, like QP Dashboard, etc.
  • Icon: Other « (no change)
  • Type: 3rd Party Account « (no change)
  • Top right corner of Duo App: click √

(H) Click Next:




(I) Verify your App displays: Enter a code from your authenticator app to ensure everything works.

(J) Open the Duo Mobile app.

ready to open Duo
(K) Duo Mobile: Tap the new third party account; a verification code displays: 

QP Dashboard (or your unique account name)
### ### (6-digit code with a 30-second timer)

(L) Enter 6 digits; click Next:

Enter 6-digit code; Next
(M) A list of Backup Recovery Codes display. This is the one time you can view these recovery codes. If your phone is lost a recovery code will allow you to access the Admin Dashboard. Download and store the codes in a safe place; click Next.

Download; next


Success message displays:

Success! Your profile is more secure.

You will be taken to complete Authentication Questions in 5 seconds.

(N) Click Next or wait 5 seconds.

Navigating Admin Dashboard

(O) Begin navigation: click the green QuikPay tile:

after MFA

(P) Click one QuickPay Tenant:

  • Northwestern University (Tuition Bill) or
  • Commerce Manager (Deposit)

QuikPay Tenants
(Q) Select an Authorized Role:

Northwestern University (Tuition Bill) Roles:

Northwestern Roles


Commerce Manager (Deposit) Roles:

Commerce Manager Roles
(R) Switch to a different role: click Admin Dashboard to begin a new navigation.

Back to Admin Dashboard