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Northwestern University

About Your Bill

Your bill is a statement of your financial obligation to Northwestern with reference to your tuition and fees. When practical, each type of charge is listed as a different line item. Your current bill includes the balance from your previous bill and any transactions since your previous bill. Bills are prepared once a month.

You can choose to receive your bill two ways, detailed below.

Online (paperless)

The QuikPAY® eBill service allows students and their guests to view bills online with email notification when each new bill is available. You may also view 12 months of past invoices online. Electronic billing is the preferred method of bill delivery.

Parents and guardians must first be granted Guest Access by the student to see bills online.

Students and guests can see bills via CAESAR  >  Home  >  View or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot). For information on how to read your online Monthly Snapshot, see Understanding Your Online Bill (Monthly Snapshot).

Your student account includes all transactions in real time – including daily activity accumulating until the next monthly snapshot – viewable via CAESAR  >  Home  >  View My Account (Real-time, Daily Activity). For information on how to read your online daily activity, see Understanding Your CAESAR Account.

Paper (mailed to you)

If you choose to receive a paper bill, one copy of each bill will be sent to your billing address.

The fastest way to change your billing address is via CAESAR  >  Home  >  Personal Profile More  > My Addresses.  You can also contact Student Finance for assistance.

Please allow 2-3 days after bill availability for mail preparation and approximately 5 business days for mail delivery within the U.S. Failure to receive bills is not sufficient cause for extending payment due dates.

To select the paper bill option: Students must select "Send me a paper bill" via CAESAR  >  Home  >  View and/or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot)> User Preferences. You must request the paper bill option no later than the 8th of the billing month.

For information on how to read your bill, see Understanding Your Paper Bill.

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