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Withdrawal Calculator

If you are withdrawing from all classes for the term, use the Withdrawal Calculator tool below to calculate your potential refund based on withdrawal date. If you are dropping courses, but otherwise maintaining the rest of your enrollment, please see Enrollment Changes & Billing. For more information on add/drop deadlines, please visit the Northwestern University Academic Calendar. Contact Student Finance if you have any additional questions.

Select the applicable term to determine the potential tuition refund you can expect, if any.

Refund calculations apply to all undergraduate and graduate students except for those in the following schools and programs:

  • Pritzker School of Law
  • Kellogg School of Management EMBA
  • Feinberg School of Medicine
  • School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies undergraduates and graduates, all undergraduates in Summer, and visiting Summer Session students should use the SPS & Summer Session calculator. All other programs should contact Student Finance for information on their refund schedules.

Key to "Choose Term" Dropdown List

Key to term drop down sets and corresponding schools or programs
Drop Down
Set: Term
Choose the Drop Down "Set" corresponding to your school or program
Set 1: 
2020 Fall
Undergraduate programs; graduate programs in Bienen, Communication, Medill, Non-Degree, SESP
Set 2: 
2020 Fall
Graduate Engineering, The Graduate School
Set 3: 
2020 Fall
Kellogg (without EMBA)
Set 4: 
2021 Winter
Graduate programs in Communication, Engineering, Kellogg (without EMBA), Medill, Non-Degree, SESP
Set 5: 
2021 Winter
Undergraduate programs; graduate programs in Bienen, The Graduate School

Choose Term

9/1/1  –  1/4/1

Tuition Refund Schedule


The class session withdrawal calculator is for School of Professional Studies undergraduates and graduates, all undergraduates in Summer, and visiting Summer Session students.

Enter session date range from the course catalog and press Calculate to display refund percentages.

* Required format: mm/dd/yy

If you need assistance, contact the School of Professional Studies.

Number of days in the date range:  
Tuition Refund Date Ranges:

Last Date to drop without Academic Penalty

60% point in time:  

No financial impact on your account.