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Common Fees

The list below shows common fees, outside of tuition and required fees, that you may encounter during your time at Northwestern.  You may incur other fees (e.g. field trip fees, subscription fees, fines, etc.) based on your activities as well as additional fees charged by your specific school and/or program. Please consult with your program for more information.

Prepayment Plan Enrollment Fee: $55

Employer Reimbursement Application Fees

  • Undergraduate Programs
    • Annual: $275/year
    • Per Term: $100/term
  • Graduate Programs
    • Annual: $550/year
    • Per Term: $200/term

Late Payment Penalty Fees

  • All programs except as noted below: $200/term
  • Feinberg MD program: $400/month
  • Pritzker programs: $400/term
  • SPS undergraduate programs: $100/term

Late Registration Fees

  • All programs except as noted below ($5 surcharge if billed): $25
  • SPS graduate programs: $75

Library Fees: costs vary (See Overdue, Lost or Damaged Items: Libraries for more information.) 

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $5/month (charged only for inactive tuition and fee accounts carrying a balance)

Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan: $5,144/year (Please visit Student Health Insurance for more information about rates, dependent coverage, and waiver procedures.)

Parking Fees: costs vary (See Transportation and Parking for more information.)

Readmission Fees

  • All graduate programs except as noted below: $250 (Students in The Graduate School should visit The Graduate School: Readmission for additional information regarding fees associated with readmission.)
  • SPS graduate programs: $75

Residential Services (including housing and meal plans): costs vary (Visit Residential Services and Northwestern Dining for more information.)

Retroactive Registration Fee: $225

Returned Payment Fee: $35

Study Abroad Enrollment Fee: costs vary (See Study Abroad for more information.)

Syllabus Fee: $50/yearbook

Technology Fees: costs vary (Fees vary by school and/or program.  Consult with your specific program for more details.)

Transcript Fees: costs vary (Visit the Office of the Registrar for more information.)

Wildcard Replacement Fee: $25