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Service Updates and Announcements

Shuttle Service Updates:

  • Chicago Ave Reconstruction: City of Evanston reconstruction of Chicago Ave project will affect shuttle routes through mid-June. Read more.
  • Important notice regarding Ryan Field shuttle stop and charter buses: As Northwestern University continues our efforts to strengthen relationships with the City of Evanston, University Services is taking steps to curb both air and noise pollution thereby reducing the number of disturbances to our neighbors in the community surrounding Ryan Field. Read more.

Evanston Parking Announcements:

  • Wildcat Days: Parking for Undergraduate Admission's Wildcat Days (Monday April 10 and Monday April 17) is in the South Campus parking garage, 1841 Sheridan Road.  Lots on the south end of campus will experience heavier than normal congestion, and some lots, including the garages, may fill to capacity.  Read more.
  • Lot closings: LARC Drive and Crown Sports east lot (# 108) is currently closed for an extended period. Read more.
  • Parking lot gates and pay stations: Parking controls (gates, card readers and pay stations) in the North and South Parking Garages are now operating. Read more.
  • Parking permit kiosk: Daily (same day) parking permits are available for purchase at an automated kiosk (credit card sales only) on the north end of campus. Read more.
  • Contractor parking: Construction contractors are prohibited from parking in the North Garage (# 105), South Garage (# 211) and South Beach two level structure (# 214, 215). Read more.
  • Resident Permit Parking in North Garage:  Resident student permits ("R", "R9") will have temporary access to the North Garage due to construction activities in lot # 104.  Lot # 104 remains open to Resident Student, Commuter Student, Faculty/Staff, and Visitor permit parking. Read more.

Chicago Parking Announcements:

  • Customer Service Enhancements: In an effort to enhance customer service and improve the experience of individuals visiting our Chicago campus, the management of the Erie and Huron street parking garages will be managed by a new service provider effective April 1. This change will have no impact on rates or access to the garage and requires no action on the part of the individuals who use the facilities or the organizations and departments that rely on them for business operations. There are no anticipated service interruptions during this transition. Read more.
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