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Special Event Program

Coverage provided through “Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, London”

The Office of Risk Management has arranged an access program in meeting the minimum levels of insurance coverage at an affordable cost through Lloyd’s of London to assist outside organizations and performers who may have difficulty obtaining coverage.

Submit an Application

The University host should assist sponsoring organizations and performers with completing the Special Event Application. The application will be routed to the Office of Risk Management, who will secure pricing and facilitate the quoting process with the University host.

Submit an application


 Who would be the Facility Renter?

The facility renter would be the outside organization or performer.

Can I submit an application with estimated start/end dates/time for my event? 

It is not recommended to submit an application with estimated start and end dates and time. For our underwriters to accurately provide a quote, it is strongly recommended to provide the most accurate start and end dates and times.

How do I pay for the Special Event Program?

Payment for the Special Event Program must be made via check, or university chartstring (internal only).

Learn More

To learn more about the Special Event Program, contact Juan-Carlos Pérez at