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Certificates from Others

When others are contractually required to provide the University with a certificate of insurance, a copy of the certificate should be sent to the relevant department and to the Office of Risk Management.

Third-Party Contractors and/or Vendors

All third-party contractors and/or vendors should have an ACORD form 25 completed by insurance broker or agent and have the following minimum insurance limits, unless approved in advance by the Office of Risk Management:

Commercial General Liability, Auto and any Umbrella/Excess Liability shall include the following provisions and endorsements:

Frequently requested coverages by the University

The following are the most common requested by the University. Other lines of insurance coverage may be required for certain types of exposure and limits of liability may vary depending on the type of contract. For more specifics, please contact Juan-Carlos Perez in the Office of Risk Management at


Please refer to this checklist as a resource for evaluating certificates received from third-parties.

Insurance must be on file with the Office of Risk Management two weeks prior to contract start date, event or any use of the facilities.

It is preferred that certificates of insurance are emailed rather than mailed. Please email the certificate of insurance to Juan-Carlos Perez at


For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Marshall Hammer, Director of Risk and Insurance, at 847.491.5084 or