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University Compliance Office

Fostering a Culture of Compliance

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About the Compliance Office

Leading with integrity to build a stronger Northwestern.

The University Compliance Office promotes a culture of honest and ethical behavior at Northwestern University. The Office’s responsibilities include coordinating, encouraging, and monitoring the operational compliance activities that occur throughout the University, supporting policy development and review, and advising senior administration and the Board of Trustees on the effectiveness of the University’s compliance efforts. The University Compliance Office works with federated compliance programs across the University to strategically build and improve their compliance efforts and ensure they are responsive to evolving regulatory environments. We also manage the following compliance programs:

EthicsPoint Hotline Reporting

We receive concerns reported through the EthicsPoint system, a third-party service where reports can be made anonymously.

Youth on Campus

The Youth on Campus program welcomes young learners to explore the Chicago and Evanston campuses through a variety of engaging and challenging programs, while prioritizing their safety and well-being with dedicated resources and support from Compliance.


Northwestern is committed to the privacy and responsible use of data and information from individuals within the Northwestern community and members of the public who interface with the University.

Get Help With Your Concern

Unsure where to report something? We can help.

At Northwestern, we all play a role in creating a fair and accountable environment. If you see something wrong, say something! Whether you have a question, a concern, or suspect misconduct, we encourage you to report it.

Here's how:

Discuss with your supervisor: Your supervisor or a department leader may be a good initial contact to discuss your concern and seek guidance on other appropriate steps.

Discuss concerns with a Compliance Expert or University Compliance: You can find the right experts by reviewing our compliance network. Some concerns, like discrimination or sexual misconduct are required to be reported.

Submit a report to the University’s hotline, Ethicspoint, online or via phone (866-294-3545): The EthicsPoint Hotline, run by an independent party, is away to report your concern to the university. Reports can be anonymous.

Not sure where to go? Contact us! We're here to connect you with the right resources and ensure your concerns are heard.

Ask Compliance Make a report

Talk With Someone About a Concern

Find the right team to address your concern quickly. Search by category on our compliance network page.

Find a Policy

Review University Policies to learn more about the university's expectations for appropriate conduct.

Your Questions Answered

Navigating Compliance at Northwestern

Have questions about compliance at Northwestern? Our FAQ provides clear answers about responsibilities, the role of the Compliance Office, reporting options, and more.